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ATTENTION ALL PARENTS – Faith Formation (Religious Education) classes began in Septemeber 2018, for this year.  If you are new to our parish, or if your child attends a parochial school and you wish them to receive First Communion or Confirmation here, religious education and parish registration forms are available on this website and at the Faith Formation Office, or in the rear of both St. Mary and St. Anthony Churches. 

Online Registration forms will be available in August. Please fill the forms out as early as possible and drop them off at the Parish Office or in the Collection basket, or mail them to:
St. Mary Parish, Office of Faith Formation, 31 Shirley Street, Ayer, MA 01464, or
St. Anthony of Padua, Office of Faith Formation, PO Box 595, Shirley, MA 01464
so that we can assign the cycle, enter them into our Computer Enrollment Program, and send them to you so that your children will be ready to start by September 9, 2018.  We will forward you an invoice that will officially enroll them, and you can send your fees in.  (Fees this year will remain the same:  $60 for the first child; $50 for the second child; $125 for three or more children; $40 if your child will prepare to receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist or Confirmation and a $17 book fee for children in grades 1- 8.) 

If your children were in our program last year, it isn’t necessary to send in a new enrollment form; we will send you an invoice.  Please review it, make any pen changes necessary (if a child is not returning, please cross that child’s name out.  If you have a new child to enroll, add their name, grade in school and birth date below your other children’s names.  We will make the necessary system changes and send you a revised invoice, but they will already be enrolled then.

There are some startup requirements for students preparing to receive a sacrament and for students in grades 7 and 8, or Confirmation 1 or 2.  Please see the St. Mary Faith Formation Calendar or the St. Anthony Faith Formation Calendar provided (especially the month of September right now), and note the important meetings and dates that are necessary for you to attend.  After September 24, it will be too late to enter Confirmation 1 classes this year.

In case of inclement weather on a Sunday morning, please call 978-772-7474 after 7 am, where a recorded message will tell you whether-or-not there will be classes that day. Or check your email messages.  You may also call this number if you have any questions or concerns at any time.

Welcome to our program and God bless us on our way.

Donna Vaira
faith formation coordinator

PS – We are still very much in need of substitute teachers, so please let us know if you can help out. dv




The parish is the center of faith formation for Catholics. Every person in your pews, every Catholic in your parish community…child or adult…is on their own journey toward Christ and a life of discipleship.

For more information, please call
Donna Varia at 978-772-7474.

Faith Formation Registrastion

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